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Body Treatment MBR

Geniessen Sie Körperbehandlungen zur Pflege der Haut mit Körperpeelings, speziellen Cremes oder Seren.

Body Treatment MBR

It is important to take care of the skin of the body as carefully as the face. MBR body care products help to keep the skin looking healthy and radiant and keeping the contours of the body defined. We respond to the needs of your skin and recommend special care products. The advantages at a glance:

  • gently cleans and removes superficial deposits
  • paves the way for new, fresh skin cells
  • massages and vitalises with fine, melting crystals
  • stimulates cell metabolism
  • has a slightly detoxifying and firming effect
  • actively moisturizes, smoothes and makes the skin sensually soft

Körpermassage (Cellulite)

| 60 min.
CHF 195

Gönnen Sie sich ein wohltuende Körpermassage mit einem Körperpeeling auf der Basis kostbarer pflanzlicher Lipide und ausgewählter Zucker- und Salzkristalle.

Body Upgrades

Zusätzliche Behandlungen

Radio Frequency BEWEI Body

| 45 min.
CHF 160

Radio Frequency BEWEI Hands

| 2x 10 min.
CHF 55

BEWEI Lymphdrainage (Pressotherapy)

| 25 min.
CHF 55

Cell Training - Mitochondrial Treatment

| ca. 40 min.
CHF 135